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Infrasound Calibrator Type IFC-2

Infrasound Calibrator Type IFC-2 is a battery-powered sound source for calibration of microphone systems for measuring infrasound signals. The calibrator enables to carry out calibration in lab or field conditions.
The Type IFC-2, when connected to the microphone of the tested instrument, generates sinusoidal sound pressure signal SPL = 94 dB (at 2 Hz or 20 Hz) in its pressure chamber. Measurement of the amplitude of the output signal at these two frequencies allows for evaluation linearity of the frequency response of the entire microphone connection to the preamplifier. Additional sinusoidal electrical signal output enables to use the signal as the reference signal to evaluate of the phase shift values for both frequencies.

Infrasound Calibrator Type IFC-1

Infrasound calibrator Type IFC-1 is used to calibration of acoustic measuring instruments adapted to measurements in the infrasound frequency range.
The Type IFC-1, when connected to the microphone of the tested instrument generates a sinusoidal sound pressure signal SPL = 94 dB at frequency 10 Hz or 20 Hz in its pressure chamber. Both frequencies enable to test G weighting network of sound level meter. The calibration method is in compliance with Annex A of ISO 7196.

Low Frequency Pressure Chamber Type PF-12

Low Frequency Pressure Chamber Type PF-12 is a source of sound pressure in infrasound frequency range for measurements in lab conditions.
The Type PF-12 contains an electrodynamic exciter connected to a piston which moves inside a sealed pressure chamber. Sinusoidal electrical signal from the external source is amplified and supplied to the controller causing
a sinusoidal motion of the piston. The chamber generates an acoustic pressure of up to 120 dB at the frequency
of the signal generator.