Infrasound measurements

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Infrasound Calibrator Type IFC-2

Infrasound Calibrator Type IFC-2 is intended for testing acoustic measuring instruments adapted for measurements in infrasound frequency range and enables calibration of measuring instruments at their place of use, especially in field conditions.

Infrasound Calibrator Type IFC-1

Infrasound Calibrator Type IFC-1 is a battery-operated sound source for calibration of sound level meters intended to measure infrasound signals and enables to perform calibration in a lab or in field conditions.

Low Frequency Pressure Chamber Type PF-12

Low Frequency Pressure Chamber Type PF-12 is a source of sound pressure in infrasound frequency range for measurements in a lab conditions.
The chamber is intended for checking of sound level meters in low frequency range and testing frequency response of measuring microphones in infrasound frequency range.